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Expedited Freight Services

With vans and trucks of all sizes, DCGoline can customize a solution for clients of various industries to suit all of their customer’s delivery needs.  Whether residential or business to business, same-day or scheduled, our fleet of trained and professional drivers will make sure every delivery exceeds your customer’s expectations.  Inquire about the following services…

  • Scheduled/Routed
  • Final Mile Delivery
  • Same Day pickup and delivery
  • Fleet supplementation and contract drivers
  • LTL and TL

Middle Mile/Line-haul

DCGoline offers middle-mile and expedited line-haul services for businesses of any size and industry.  From expedited direct freight, pooled freight, drop-trailers, multiple stops, pallet exchanges, or shuttle work – our experienced and trained staff will find a solution for all your middle-mile and line-haul needs.

Long Haul /
Freight Brokerage

With a team of experienced brokers, dispatchers, and numerous regional carriers; DCGoline will provide accurate, timely, and competitive freight quotes; contingencies for every delivery; and clear and constant communication throughout the pickup and delivery process – Let us handle every aspect of your cargo’s safe and secure, on-time delivery.  DCGoline is 100% committed to the successful transport and delivery of your freight.

Our Promise

DC Goline Logistics believes that logistics starts with customer service.  Our goal is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients and our logistics partners.


5% of net profits generated from DC Goline Logistics is donated to AANE (Asperger/Autism Network)


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